Monday, May 25, 2009

Oh, and just as a sort of postcript...

... to my last entry: I feel compelled to add one teensy tiny disclaimer. In her appendix at the end of Get Married, Candice Watters answers questions she's been asked over time. In one of them, a 28-year-old single woman asks, "What's the best way to wait patiently for God's timing for a husband?"

Watters replies:

Based on all I've read and written, I'm convinced that at this stage, learn patience should not be your goal... If you don't have the traits Jesus set forth in Matthew 19 that qualify and equip a believer for lifelong celibacy, then you can be confident His will for you is the same as it is for most believers: get married and have children.

I feel that this is a dangerous precedent to set.

Based on this reasoning, we can assume that just because we don't feel called to do something, then we are free from the responsibility of doing it. I rarely feel a distinct calling to clean the toilet, but I do know that it's God's will that I should be a faithful steward of what I have, I should serve my family, and therefore I should strive to be good at housekeeping.

If we follow the same reasoning to an extreme, a man or woman may exempt themselves from being faithful to a spouse just because they don't feel called to pursue purity of marriage. This is a ridiculous extreme, to be sure, but I use it to emphasise my point that not feeling "called" to singleness doesn't necessarily ensure that you are called to marriage -- and soon. I would also add that I don't know of any woman who feels called to widowhood, yet this is a path God has asked some precious friends to walk down.

Just something to consider.