Monday, November 9, 2015

The Art of Illuminae

Illuminae has been one of 2015's most hotly-anticipated YA releases. Co-written by two YA fic big guns and launching a brand new sci-fi trilogy, Illuminae had lots of us jigging up and down impatiently waiting for October's release date.

I expected a good story, but I did not expect such an interactive, art-filled story format. With the story told in secret journal entries, chat logs, official documentation, court transcripts, and more, the text is only part of the adventure. Illustrations turn the pages of this book into artifacts preserving the tale of the book's main characters. It's a level of immersion which, in the case of this story, only enriches the reading experience. And it makes the book itself much more than just the words on the page. The physicality of it, the black and white pages, the evocative images of space, and the digital-style fonts all have me gushing.

As a result, I kind of paparazzi'd this book to death and had to share it with you. Illuminae is certainly a thing of unique beauty and is absolutely cool.